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We’re Empowering the Next Great Civic Leaders… 

We are over 300 local women leaders who are developing our civic leadership skills, making an impact in our community, creating lifelong relationships, and providing service and effective action.  

To us, becoming a civic leader is all about understanding that local efforts have a global reach, and it all begins with creating local leadership opportunities that put women’s skills and passion to work right here in Champaign County. 

 We welcome all who identify as women to join our League. If you’re interested in collaborating with a diverse and impactful group of women, you’re in the right place. 


The Junior League is a Highly Respected Organization with an Extraordinary Legacy… 

And although we are proud of that historic reputation, we have adapted and evolved to meet the current needs of our members and community. We strive to put our values to work in modern ways, demonstrating our pride and perpetuating our legacy by serving as a powerful voice for action, justice and change throughout Champaign County.  

Our primary goals –  helping women and children and providing basic needs for school readiness – require immediate action. Our multi-faceted approach is making an impact.  

  • Leadership Development for Women. Our membership model emphasizes community impact, lifelong relationships, and fostering change. 
  • Nonprofit support and Scholarships. We provide thousands of dollars of investment annually in local high school women, along with volunteer hours and funds for local community partners aligned with our mission.
  • Nonprofit Assistance Collaboration Team (NPACT). We partner annually with one or two local nonprofits to build their capacity and train our members on the issue areas they address. 
  • Impact Projects. We host two recurring programs for local families and underserved populations: Kids in the Kitchen for healthy lifestyles and Bright Starts for free preschool education at night. 
  • Fundraising for our Community. As a volunteer organization, 100% of what we raise at annual events like Festival of Trees goes directly into our community. 

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To be eligible to join the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana, an individual who identifies as a woman must be 21 years old by June 1st of the year in which she is seeking membership. No member sponsorship is required to join the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana. We accept new members each summer to participate in our New Member Class which begins in the fall. 

 All new members: 

  • Attend monthly New Member Class meetings and monthly General Membership meetings from September to May. 
  • Pay Enrollment Dues. 
  • Commit to what you can: You will tell the League what you can commit to. This new approach will allow you to design your League experience in terms of how much time you can give and how you will utilize and develop your talents effectively through your placement, while at the same time contributing to the League’s overall goals and mission. 

Please review the New Membership Agreement online. 

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If you are in the process of transferring your membership from another League to JLCU, please email our Office Administrator at