We are the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana.

We are dedicated to advancing women’s leadership and creating meaningful community impact through volunteer action, collaboration, and training.

Above all else, our goal is to promote and perpetuate social change in the Champaign County communities. By empowering women and providing valuable leadership training, we are giving women the tools to get involved, put their talents to work, and positively impact the local causes that matter to them most.

We are for all women. The Junior League of Champaign-Urbana welcomes all who identify as women who value our Mission. We are committed to fostering and supporting inclusive environments of diverse individuals, organizations, and communities.

Strength in Numbers

As one of hundreds of Junior League chapters across the world, we are a member of the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI). Since 1932, the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana has played an integral part in the development, improvement, and support of our communities.

While you’re here, we welcome you to learn how to join us, support our work, or get involved.

Our Local Impact

Our primary goals – helping women and children and providing basic needs for school readiness – require immediate action. Our multi-faceted approach is making an impact.

  1. Training women. Our membership model emphasizes community impact, building belonging, and fostering change.
  2. Nonprofit support and Scholarships. We provide thousands of dollars of investment annually in local high school women, along with volunteer hours and funds for local community partners aligned with our mission.
  3. Nonprofit Assistance Collaboration Team (NPACT). We partner annually with one or two local nonprofits to build their capacity and train our members on the issue areas they address.
  4. Impact Projects. We host two recurring programs for local families and underserved populations: Kids in the Kitchen for healthy lifestyles and Bright Starts for free preschool education at night.
  5. Fundraising for our Community. As a volunteer organization, 100% of what we raise at annual events like Festival of Trees goes directly into our community.

If you’re interested in learning more about our current focus or developing your own civic leadership skills, we welcome you to learn more or connect with us.

Help Us Lead Change

We need you to help us build a better community. The empowered women of the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana are working to improve our local communities through leadership and effective action. Will you join us?